C Peg Pro

World's first one-of-a-kind DIY clamp-on pegboard shelf system

  • Gold winner of the New York Product Design Award and London Design Award.
  • Workstation at home or in the office can now have unique DIY vertical storage.
  • Be creative and mix and match pegboard accessories.
  • One of the most innovative productivity systems for WFH or WFO.
  • The perfect combination of style, aesthetics, and functionality.

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What distinguishes C Peg Pro?

This award-winning DIY pegboard organizer system boosts your daily workflow and organize your desk with this cool system. You are free to mix and match pegboard accessories on either sides to achieve desired effect while improving the overall aesthetics of your workspace. An easy quick-attach system allows for simple assembly in minutes. A sturdy construction and powder coated surface provides a solid and long lasting performance.

C Peg Pro - clamp-on pegboard shelf organizer system

The primary vertical pegboard system consists of two large metal pegboard systems with numerous accessories one special top bookshelf compartment.

Rotating Pegboard Organizer System

Introducing the world's first Ro-Peg 360 A dual surface rotating pegboard organizer system for your home and office. With this rotating pegboard system, you can keep the items you use frequently close at hand and visible.

Gaming desk - Intuitive Lighting Control based Gaming/ Work Desk

The 100kg (220lbs) load capacity of the Heavy-Duty gaming desk is sufficient for everyday work and gaming applications. Multiple backlight modes are enabled by the simply button-controlled RGB lighting, creating a vibrant gaming environment. The three height options (710/760/810mm) allow for better viewing angles,  resulting in a simple and healthy work and gaming experience.

Sit Stand Desk - Intuitive Lighting Control based height adjustable desk

Level up is now necessary! With an intuitive control panel for the RGB Lighting and height adjustment for the comfortable height (Dual Motors), this creative Sit Stand Desk is going to revolutionize your workspace. Additionally, the RGB color strip's user-controllable lighting effects create an immersive gaming environment. To keep frequently used things close at hand and the desktop clutter-free, a handy headphone hook and drink holder are integrated. The desktop surface is protected from scuffs and scratches by a desk pad that is included.

The Perfect Combination of Style, Aesthetics and Functionality