B5 vs. A5: Which Size Productivity Planner is Right for You?

B5 vs. A5: Which Size Productivity Planner is Right for You?

To achieve your goals you need proper planning and timely execution of the same. A productivity planner is your buddy who helps you in this game of planning and execution. With the successful use of a productivity planner, you can make the path toward your goals easier. There are two popular planners sizes, A5 and B5, are in demand.  Both are recognized for their effectiveness and ease of use. However, each has distinct advantages that might improve your everyday productivity. So, which is better for you, A5 or B5

To address this question, we've put up a thorough comparison of these two planners. Let's see which one is right for you. 

A5 Productivity Planner

A5 Productivity Planner

The A5 productivity planner has a standard size layout measuring 5.8" x 8.3". The A5 achiever planner is intended to help you in achieving your long-term goals by focusing on your daily tasks. Its compact but strategic design assists you in staying on track with everyday goals. The A5 achiever productivity planner is ideal for people who believe in breaking long-term goals down into daily and weekly chores. 

The A5 productivity planner is an undated planner with over 15 layouts. As a result, it gives you the freedom to reschedule and manage your backlog. The extensive pages of the planner also aid in fitness monitoring, habit tracking, handling finances, and other tasks all in one handy volume.

B5 Productivity Planner

B5 Productivity Planner

B5 productivity planner represents a horizontal layout with dimensions 6.9" x 9.8" for comprehensive planning. Its landscape design provides you with more space for creating a detailed strategy to achieve your future goals. You can keep an eye on your long-term tasks and prepare yourself accordingly.  B5 achiever planner is a perfect choice for business professionals who have week-long appointments and monthly targets to accomplish.  Due to its horizontal planner layout, it will provide you with an improvised way to track, plan and complete projects. 

Benefits of Using a B5 Productivity Planner

The landscape style of the B5 achiever planner gives you more room to develop a thorough strategy for achieving your future goals. You can keep track of your projects and deadlines with B5 Productivity Planner. 

As a result, your productivity will grow even more and your burden will decrease. B5 has the option of Better Time Management, which allows you to assign time based on the importance of individual tasks with an undated daily planner. You can stay focused and avoid distractions if you have a clear strategy.

Benefits of A5 Productivity Planner

The A5 Productivity Planner is an excellent choice for short-term goal setting. This allows you to concentrate your efforts on weekly and monthly objectives. It is convenient because of its compact size, undated and you can simply customize it with stickers. Its limited writing space is certainly a disadvantage, but it does help you stay focused. A5's compact size gives you versatility and is easy to carry. You will be able to better plan and execute your short-term goals as an outcome with an undated weekly planner.  

A5 vs B5: Achiever Planner Comparison


Comparing sizes, it is obvious that the B5 is horizontal in dimensions and provides more writing space. Hence B5 is the best choice for those individuals who believe in detailed and comprehensive planning. Whereas the A5 offers a compact and standard layout that is made routine planning like weekly and monthly goals.


Both A5 and B5 productivity planners provide features of task listing, time management, and activity tracking. But the B5 Productivity Planner comes with the luxury of some added features such as habit tracking, meal planning, and reflection prompts. That's why it helps to plan and execute your routine in a better way. 

But the ultimate decision between A5 and B5 productivity planners depends upon your needs of yours. The A5 planner may be more useful for students who want portability and cost-effectiveness whereas the undated B5 planner can be more useful for businessmen who plan detailed goals. 

How to Use a Productivity Planner 

Set your goals

Before using a Productivity planner you must decide your goals. So that you can make your plan accordingly and make a choice which is best for you to get maximum output. After that, you can streamline your goals through Productivity Planner. 


Planning is very important after setting your goals. This is where the role of the achiever planner becomes most important. Productivity Planner allows you to plan your aims intelligently in order to achieve them on time. If you are concentrating on immediate objectives, you can accomplish them by setting interim targets in A5 Productivity Planner. If you are planning something large and elaborate, though, B5 is the way to go. It will help you to keep an eye on many of your objectives simultaneously.

Execution and Analysis 

Following the planning, continuous execution is essential. Maintain consistency by tracking your progress using Productivity Planner. The most crucial thing after job completion is task analysis. You may use the planner to determine how much time you have allotted to the assignment. You will be able to improve your time management abilities if you use it correctly. 

Productivity plans can include extra features to help you stay focused and motivated. Use these tools to boost your productivity and keep on track, such as habit trackers, appreciation diaries, or reflection prompts.


Both A5 and B5 calendars serve as excellent productivity planners.  However, its application is solely dependent on your requirements. You may ease the route to your goals by making proper use of both of them. However, keep in mind that, in addition to the productivity planner, your devotion and consistency are the only factors that define success.

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