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What is Achiever Planner II?

Premium quality design

Available in two sizes

Achiever Planner colors


"A goal without a plan is just a wish.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry"

From reaching your dream weight, to improving your finances, or planning an unforgettable trip, we all have big plans. However, in order to improve or progress towards your goals, you need to break down tasks and measure their gradual progress. You need the ability to measure what you have accomplished so far as well as have a good understanding of how much farther you have to go. A horizontal planner helps you to organize your tasks, goals, and even thoughts at one place so that you can keep track of over a dozen tasks in one place. We have designed Achiever Planner II for those who love to plan ahead of time, who are focused on changing their habits or recording their fitness or expedite the savings by tracking the finances. 

What is Achiever Planner II? 

Put shortly? The Achiever Planner II is whatever you need it to be as you craft the perfect plan to accomplish your goals.

Achiever Planner II is a multifold undated productivity planner designed specifically to address and focus on all the areas of your day-to-day life, from budgeting to maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. The overwhelming value of the Achiever Planner II lies in its versatility. 

An undated productivity planner is ideal for you if you want to get your planning going in between work or simply want a more personalized design. If you tend to use your planner seldom, Undated planners are also a wonderful option because you may use them whenever you need to and plan for one week while skipping the next two. There are no unused pages in an undated planner, leaving room for the next time you need to manage your life. 

Why you should use Achiever Planner?

Undated daily planners are a particular kind of planner that don't include pre-printed dates, enabling users to start using them whenever they choose and to adapt and alter their plans as necessary. As compared to conventional dated planners, which contain pre-printed dates and are intended to be used on a certain day, week, or month, this kind of planner is different. The adaptability of an undated daily productivity planner is one of its main benefits.


Check your daily/weekly body measurement and track it. The tracker is not labeled so you can keep track of your weight, bicep, waist, or any body part.

Body Measurement Tracker


You can keep track of all the places that you've visited or you would like to go to. Travels and Trips make life fun and adventurous and sometimes give a much-needed break from routine life. 

Travel Planner


They say that the biggest wealth one can own is one's health. And being healthy is more necessary now than ever. Our well-curated Health Guide contains all the necessary nutrients required for our body, their function, and their sources.

Health and Nutrition Guide


When the going gets tough, the tough get going. It's alright to feel low sometimes. We all do. Our set of quotes from some of the world's best achievers will give you the much-needed boost. Inspirational quotes and a proper self-tracking process will give you the energy that you need to get going and work towards your goals.

Motivational Quotes


Visualise your future and career and get focused to achieve that.

Future Goal Mind mapping


A step-by-step process of setting goals, tracking progress, and reflecting on what went wrong. Visualize your monthly goal and to-do lists and task plan your valuable time for the entire month.

Monthly Goal Setting


Track your old and new habits easily. This renders you regular and achievable focus on each task. Getting comfortable with discomfort is crucial to success.

Habits Tracker


Visualize your monthly tasks, to-do lists, and plan your time for the entire month with Undated Monthly Planner.

Monthly Task Planner


Keeping a workout planner is one of the best ways to kick-start your fitness regime. Plan your weekly fitness exercise, which will also help you make sure your fitness regime is in balance with your work and social life.

Fitness Planner


A weekly meal plan can help you to maintain a healthful diet and manage your health and weight. It can also save time and be cost-effective.

Meal Planner


Weekly overviews allow you to track your weekly schedule and you can keep your daily activities more focused and more productive with Undated Weekly Planner.

Weekly Planner


Ensure you stay connected with yourself for self-reflection. It’s essential to find what you think and how you can be better every time.

Self Reflection


Keeping a balanced budget can help you to stay on track and sleep better at night. Track your finance by adding up all your accounts, and outlining budget and savings goals.

Budget Tracker

Each section of the planner is neatly organized in a way that fits a given topic’s needs. For example, the Body Measurements Tracker has a body diagram to organize and visualize your measurements, while the page for meal planning offers a Grocery List section in addition to a dedicated weekly meal/day calendar.

You may ask yourself at this point, “The Achiever Planner II sounds wonderful in my mind, but what will it be like in my hands once I actually get one?” Luckily, the Achiever Planner II is just as nice to hold as it is to use!

Premium Quality Design

We’ve taken utmost care to make Achiever Planner II as beautifully adept and luxuriously prolific as possible. The following features will keep you marveling at the beauty and quality of this undated planner.

Durable and Soft PU Leather Cover

The Polyurethane leather is soft to touch and doesn’t wear out easily.

120 GSM Bleed Resistant Paper

We proudly state that the paper used in Achiever Planner II is one of the best. It is bleed resistant so that you can use any of your favorite markers or color pens without worrying about it bleeding to the next page.

Durable Elastic Mobile & Pen Pocket

The elastic used for the mobile and pen pocket is of premium quality and it fits phones and pens of all sizes perfectly.

Gorgeous Marble Colors

The best part of the overall look and feel of the Achiever Planner is the granite marble colors that are just delightful and magnificent.

Available in Two Sizes

With innovative layouts, Achiever Planner II is a special planner that may meet all of your planning demands and boost your productivity. It comes in granite marble and plain hues. The horizontal planner's landscape B5 format offers enough room for organizing and charting every facet of your daily life while keeping an eye on your long-term objectives. The planner's layouts provide the user flexibility to monitor everything from health to finances to habits, etc.

The Achiever Planner II comes in two sizes, the A5 standard planner layout, and the B5 Smart Planner horizontal design:

  • A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 Inches / 148 x 210 mm) - The regular size that fits in your purse or bag and is easy to carry around.
  • B5 size (6.9 x 9.8 Inches / 176 x 250 mm) - The landscape size for those who have too many thoughts and creativity to fit into the regular one.
Achiever Planner 2 Colors and size

The new landscape format offers some intriguing new artistic opportunities. For things like weekly planning, bullet diaries, or any kind of idea writing, the landscape format is excellent.

Achiever Planner II Colors

Achiever planner is available in solid and granite colors. You have the flexibility to choose from 8 colors that best reflect your personality.

Solid Vibrant Colors

  1. Cherry Red
  2. Blue Grey
  3. Aqua Green
  4. Elite Black

Granite Colors

  1. Dark Caramel Black
  2. Vibrant Aqua Green
  3. Flamingo Pink
  4. Cobalt Blue/ Purple


Achiever Planner II is full of features and detailed layouts that will bring out the inspiration in you.

Planner Specifications

  • 15+ Creative Layouts
  • 275+ Pages of High-quality bleed resistant 120 GSM paper
  • Weight: Around 1.5 pounds
  • Creative back quality elastic mobile pocket & pen loop
  • Colorful 3 Page Markers
  • Elastic band enclosure
  • Subtly debossed logo 
  • Printed on sustainably sourced and recyclable paper
  • Designed with rounded edges
  • Strong back-pocket

How Undated Productivity Planners Can Benefit You?

  • Longevity: An essential component of time management is effective scheduling. Prioritize and plan your chores before starting them to get the greatest outcomes. You may make sure you are well-prepared for these activities by using a daily planner to set the precise time for business duties, personal errands, appointments, and other events. Your personal and professional life are directly impacted by your degree of productivity. 
  • Space: Making a strict timetable for all of your required tasks at work and home enables you to find time for creative pursuits like picking up a new hobby or learning a new skill. By adorning the daily planner with creative elements like images, artwork, and stickers, you may use it as a blank canvas on which to display your creativity.
  • Flexibility: Undated planner users like being able to schedule and arrange their weeks and months at their own speed. Although a dated planner is useful for outlining the days and weeks of a year, it isn't always practical for those with irregular schedules, such as freelancers, event planners, or students. We sometimes have busy weeks and other times we experience protracted periods of inactivity.
  • Customization: It helps you stay organized, expedites work completion, and monitors your progress, thus increasing your productivity. When it comes to time management and stress reduction, it works really well! You won't ever have to worry about forgetting anything crucial thanks to a daily planner. 
  • Me-Time: Another advantage of having a planner is that you will have some free time for your creative efforts, whether that means working on a hobby or attempting something new, since you will be following a timetable for all the necessary obligations. Moreover, some individuals utilize decorating planners with stickers, images, and other adornments as a creative endeavor within itself. 

Wrap Up

The functions of a achiever daily, weekly, and monthly planner are all included in the all-in-one annual planner known as Achiever Planner II. This enables one to create day-by-day or week-by-week objectives and tasks, as well as track and evaluate monthly and annual goals. With innovative layouts, Achiever Planner II is a special planner that may meet all of your planning demands and boost your productivity. The horizontal planner's landscape B5 format offers enough room for organising and charting every facet of your daily life while keeping an eye on your long-term objectives. The planner's layouts provide the user flexibility to monitor everything from health to finances to habits, etc.

Planning ahead of time helps you keep track of your daily activities and organize your daily schedule into attainable tasks. Achiever Planner will be your companion in setting goals, achieving them, adapting healthy habits, connecting with self, and managing all the complexities that life has to offer.



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