Multifunctional Organizers

Everything You Need to Know about Multifunctional Organizers

Multifunctional Organizer or the notebook organizer is a multi-use planner and organizer that combines physical and digital task-keeping best. Learn more about the power of the multifunctional A5 Notebook Organizer with the five highlights below.


Multifunctional Organizers - Best of Both Worlds

Physical planners are a great and easy way to take notes and keep track of upcoming events. For events organized through work and school, however, invitations and conversations are often shared online. The A5 Notebook Organizer makes it easier than ever to flip between the two mediums. It is easier than ever to transfer digitally collected information to a physical planner with a built-in smartphone holder and stand.


Keeps Everything Organized

Organizer | Power Bank | Wireless

The Multifunctional A5 Notebook Organizer is a multi-faceted organizational tool. Having dedicated slots for a pen, a smartphone, credit cards, bills, and important papers, the organizer is a perfect consolidator for the day’s most valuable items and information.


The Benefit of Handwritten Notes

An article by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development highlights the benefit of handwriting notes. The article cites a study that found that writing letters activate more brain regions than typing the same letter, particularly in the visual processing centers. Being able to translate digital information to a physical planner easily helps greatly with remembering and staying on top of important deadlines.


The Ultimate Preparation Tool

With the Multifunctional A5 Notebook Organizer, you can always be confident that you will be prepared for the day.


Keeps Electronics Happy and Healthy

The organizer can ensure the happiness of your electronics. Coming with the 8000mAh power bank, having both a USB and wireless charging output, the organizer always makes sure that your smartphone and electronics will have the battery they need to last the whole day. The organizer is also equipped with protection against short-circuiting, over-discharging, and over-charging, keeping the devices’ battery healthy and high-performance.


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