Which Achiever Planner Is Right For You?

Which Achiever Planner Is Right For You?


“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.” – Dale Carnegie

Goals are a destination: if you don't know where you're going, you may never get there. If you do eventually get there, you probably made a lot of wrong turns on the way. Creating, following, and revising your plan is crucial to reaching your goals. 

You may have goals linked to your career, business, personal life, education, and other parts of your life, but no matter your goals you need a place for your goal roadmap to ensure you're on the right path. The planner choices are nearly endless: digital, physical, price, content, and more. What do you need in a planner? Do you need weekend spaces to not be tiny compared to the rest of the week? Is fitness an important part of your life, or is it a goal to make it so? You need a planner that works for you, or you won't use it.

We offer our versatile Achiever I and Achiever II planners. Why choose a printed planner when you can choose from so many digital options? There are several reasons why a printed planner can be better for your needs (For more details, see Why Use A Physical Planner:

  • Writing in a physical planner helps you retain more information
  • Physical planners put everything in one place
  • Organization is for everyone
  • Planners help you get tasks done faster
  • Physical planners do not have tech problems
Now that you’ve decided you want a physical planner, which one? The planner industry is huge at the moment and each planner is different. Our Achiever planners are some of the best on the market and have won the NY Product Design Award. Our Achiever I and Achiever II planners have a lot in common, but also some differences. If you are confused about which one is better for you, read on.

Both planners contain the following:

  • Undated pages
  • Numbered pages
  • Future goals/mind mapping page
  • 2 years of monthly calendars
  • Monthly focus/goals pages, large monthly calendar
  • Monthly mind mapping and task lists
  • Weekly and daily planning
  • Saturday and Sunday spaces are equal to those for the rest of the week
  • Weekly task tracker and checklist
  • Weekly habit tracker
  • Monthly money tracker
  • Monthly reflection
  • Daily sleep tracker
  • Measurements/clothes and shoes sizes page
  • Travel log
  • Vitamins and minerals reference pages
  • Motivational quotes
  • Contacts page
  • 2 dot journal pages at the end of each month for brain dumps, sketches, notes, etc.
  • Several blank pages in back of planner
  • Lies flat when open
  • Pocket inside back cover
  • Durable elastic closure
  • Ribbon bookmarks
  • Stickers
  • Available in several colors
  • Padded hardcover
achiever planner vs other brands planner

You can already see how our planners can help you with so many aspects of your life – they are not just calendars! However, there are a few differences between the two planners.

Achiever I

The Achiever I planner includes a small section for birthdays on its contacts page. it also has two pages for project and task tracking. While both planners include monthly budget tracking, Achiever I has an added page for simple monthly earned/spent number so you can see your yearly budget at a glance. You can easily track your daily mood in Achiever I, where there is a small graphic for this purpose - a plus for those who live with depression and anxiety. Use Achiever I's two quality ribbons for bookmarking more than one page. Finally, there is a sturdy elastic pocket and pen loop on the front cover.

Achiever II

One of the best features of the Achiever undated planner II is that it comes in two sizes. The A5 (measurements) is great for people who write small or otherwise don’t need a lot of space for their planning, or don’t have a lot of desk area for a planner. The B5 (measurements) is a larger planner where you can write more information or just write larger. Another major addition to Achiever II are weekly fitness and meal planning pages to help you reach your wellness goals. Achiever II's vision board encourages you to think about your big dreams, such as travel and other new experiences. Achiever II boasts three ribbon bookmarks, and has two strong elastic pockets and a pen loop on the back cover. 

The most important part in choosing a planner is finding one that is right for your needs. Keep in mind that you can use pages for whatever fits YOUR individual needs. Maybe you use an app for your monthly budget but want to better track your debt payoff. You could easily use the Monthly Money Tracker to see progress on your debt pay-off. Remember: it's YOUR planner!

Whether you choose Achiever I or Achiever II, you will have a high-end planner to help you reach your goals in whatever area of your life you choose. Not to mention - they are gorgeous!


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