Why a Modern Home Needs a Magnetic Fridge Planner

Why a Modern Home Needs a Magnetic Fridge Planner

Paper planners work great for your personal planning, and digital planners are handy for adding appointments on the go. But what can you use to help your whole household know about upcoming meetings, practices, lessons, and other events? It's very easy for families to accidentally double-book time. 

We have a solution! Never miss an important task with MagPlan dry erase planner. MagPlan is a magnetic flexible planner that comes in premium black color. This activity planner sticks to your refrigerator or any metal surface, and the set includes: 

  • A5 - Weekly Magnetic Planner: This minimalist undated weekly planner will help you get organized and get the most out of your week!
  • A4 - Meal Magnetic Planner: Track your calories and plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the week.
  •  A3 - Monthly Magnetic Planner: Having a plan keeps you focused, gives you complete clarity over what it is you need to do on a daily and weekly basis at a glance.
  • Set of 4 dry erase pens: blue, yellow, white, and green.

Pleasurable Writing and Creative Design

Wiping the writing off this premium magnetic planner is very easy, even after erasing notes that have been there for a long time. No stains, no ghosting! 

Enjoyable, Reusable, and Ample Space

Our eco-friendly design is REUSABLE, so no wasting paper. The creative design of monthly, weekly, and meal planners ensures that the data box of each day of the month or week is big enough to write down the plan. 

Check out MagPlan now; we guarantee 100% satisfaction!


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