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Meet Front Fold™: Our Award-Winning Daily Productivity System

We’ve talked about the benefits of a paper journal before (see Why Use a Physical Planner?). However, we understand that one drawback of paper journals is that exactly that – paper. Even when we use the front and back of each page and every nook and cranny of the note pages, we’ve used quite a bit of paper. If only we could physically write everything down without wasting paper.

Two Color Variants: white surface with black background, black version of Front Fold is on the left, grey version is on the right. Both show everything included - pens, eraser, whiteboards.


Meet Front Fold! Perfect for office, home, or school, this daily reusable productivity system reduces paper waste by employing a whiteboard planner system. Reuse it and save paper, money, and the planet. Just fold it and place it on your workspace, and you have a planner that reminds you of your important tasks. 

Front Fold helps you prioritize tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, with a mini white board planner for each. On each whiteboard is a unique task signal imprint used to mark tasks as complete, ongoing, or not finished. This smart task signal system helps you focus on your most important work to help you reach even your loftiest goals. The desk planner are magnetized so you can also use them on your refrigerator or nearly anywhere.

Shows Front Fold with included whiteboards, dry erase pens, and dry eraser. Tips include: smart stationery organiser (illustration shows smiling cup holding pencil, ruler, and paintbrush), magnetic whiteboard (illustration shows red u-shaped magnet with lightning bolt), good viewing angle (shows blue eyeball illustration), dry eraser (illustration shows blue notepad with pink and blue eraser), 3 different layouts (shows blue and pink tags with A, B, and C on them), and whiteboard markers (illustration shows red circle with yellow dry erase marker on top).

Not only is the design simple, but the magnetic dry erase board cleans easily. Use the included dry erase pens and the duster to keep your whiteboards clean. 

Front Fold is available in black or grey, and also features a strong elastic organizer to hold loose pens, highlighters, and other desk supplies in place. For even more details about Front Fold, check out our video.

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