Physical planner benefits

Why Use A Physical Planner?

While the benefits of technology are widely recognized, physical planners are having a resurgence. People are reaping the benefits of disconnecting from technology and actually writing things down. If you are hesitant to join this growing trend, here are five reasons why physical planners – like the Achiever Planner pictured below – are great options for a more organized life.


Writing in a physical planner Helps You Retain More Information

According to Scientific American, when people hand-write notes they remember more of that information than if they type it. The article “A Learning Secret: Don’t Take Notes with a Laptop” states that writing requires “different types of cognitive processing,” which enables the writer to pay attention and remember more. To retain more information and save time, write down your to-do lists and reminders in your planner. This tactic is not just for the classroom. The next time you set a goal for yourself, writing it down in your Achiever Planner will help ensure that you keep it in mind.


Physical planners Put Everything in One Place

Compared to most planners, the Achiever Planner offers an impressive amount of layout options. This physical planner has thirteen different sections: Body Measurement, Travel, Health, Stay Motivated, Gantt Chart Project Management, Expense/Income, Monthly Money, Future Goal Mind Mapping, Monthly Goal Mind Mapping, Thirty Days Challenge, Weekly Planner, Self-Reflection, and blank pages. Whether you are keeping track of this week’s business meetings or your grocery list, Achiever Planners offer separate entries to organize each part of your life. The front of the planner also has an elastic pocket for your phone, so everything you need is truly in one place. Watch this YouTube video to see a quick summary of each feature.



Organization Is for Everyone

Achiever Planners provide different options for different kinds of thinkers. You may be goal oriented and structured, or you may be a more causal planner and prefer to write on a blank sheet of paper. Layouts like Gantt Chart Project Management and Monthly Bullet Tracker (see example below) give you the freedom to plan creatively. Each of Achiever Planner’s various sections are organized by week and month, so they are easy to use and understand. Since the Achiever Planner is undated, you can start your planner at any time of the year, making it more versatile than your average calendar.


Planners Help You Get Tasks Done Faster

Scientific America’s article “A Learning Secret: Don’t Take Notes with a Laptop” cites one classroom study that found sixty percent of laptop users were distracted for half of class time. No one wants to waste time while making a to-do list, so organize with a physical planner instead. Part of saving time is triaging your tasks – use the Weekly Priorities spread to make the most of your time and get the important tasks done first.


Physical planners Do Not Have Tech Problems

While technology is an essential part of our lives, many who work from home can attest to experiencing computer glitches. Physical planners, on the other hand, are much more dependable. The depth of the Achiever Planner ensures that you still have all the benefits of technology. For example, instead of going through the hassle of creating your own Excel spreadsheet to track finances, try using the Yearly Expense/Income or the Monthly Money layouts. Monthly spreads have ready-made categories such as housing, personal, and food, and yearly spreads feature neatly organized sections for every month of the year. In summary, the Achiever Planner can do as much as technology can and much more, just without the technical problems. Regardless of the state of your Wi-Fi, you will be able to access these features whenever and wherever you need them.

Remember, there is no pressure in using a physical planner. Whether you use every page or just one feature is entirely up to you. What matters is how a physical planner, such as the Achiever Planner, will help you attain the benefits of a more organized life.


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