Why You Need MagOrg Desk Mat

Why You Need MagOrg Desk Mat

Have you ever felt lost among the paper piles and clutter on your desk? No matter how we try to organize, our desks often fill up with paper and other materials as the day goes on, distracting us from focusing on our work.

This is where MagOrg comes in! It’s an organizer, desk mat, laptop stand, and charger – all in one:

  • Tames clutter
  • Increases productivity
  • Alleviates wrist pressure and pain
  • Remedies neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • Acts as an ADHD management tool
Our award-winning all-in-one productivity system is perfect for your home or office; it helps create a more organized and clutter-free workspace while enhancing work productivity and producing an overall more relaxed environment by minimizing distractions.

What’s so special about MagOrg?

  1. Modular design  Easily join sections through magnets on three sides of each piece so you can configure them in any way you’d like, even using just some of the included pieces. 
  2. Swappable design – Because it’s modular, you can increase or decrease the total size of the mat whenever you wish: large (900mm), medium (600m) or small (300m).
  3. Built-in wireless device charger – Qi-compatible, MagOrg charges up to 15W so devices charge quickly. The desk mat comes with a has USB type-C charging cable to ensure it's always ready to go.
  4. Magnetic pen/pencil holder – The magnetic pen holder has a separate mobile phone stand that offers hands-free convenience and a comfortable viewing angle.
  5. Elastic organizer for office supplies – MagOrg's high-quality elastic loops are perfect for most of your small portable gadgets and other supplies
  6. Easy document hideout – You can easily use the mat as a "paper hideout" by placing loose papers underneath it: perfect for storing information you need to be accessible while not adding to your paper pile.
  7. Ultra slim laptop/tablet stand – Our versatile, high quality, invisible laptop stand is foldable, with two angled positions to ensure correct posture. Our laptop stand is much thinner and light than others and is an essential part of any ergonomic workspace. It reduces physical strain in your neck, shoulders, and upper back while improving laptop performance due to overheating problems.
  8. Ergonomic keyboard wrist and mouse pads – Memory-foam-based soft pads match the natural curve of the user’s hand and wrist. The pads help maintain proper wrist alignment and prevent the wrist from bending back while keying. They also take some weight off shoulders and reduce shoulder muscle stress by softening the surface under the wrist.
  9. Durable water repellent surface – The high-quality PU leather desk mat is easy to write on and clean. If you accidentally spill anything on it, just use a wet cloth or paper towel to wipe it clean.
  10. All-in-one creative desk organizer – At full size, MagOrg is large enough to accommodate your laptop, mouse, keyboard, journal, and other supplies. 

Creating an organized work desk is not important just to you but also your customers, employees, coworkers, and boss. MagOrg helps you organize your workspace into a clutter-free productivity zone.

Order your MagOrg Desk Mat today!


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